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The Awakening Aeon Tarot is for You, a seeker of Truth and Understanding. This deck is rooted in Metaphysical Qabalistic symbolism, Ancient Egyptian imagery, Astrology and the I Ching.

 The Deck Includes

– 78 Traditional Tarot Cards
– 4 New Tarot Cards
– The Inspirational Companion Book

The Tarot can offer sign posts and advice to evolving souls.  It can be done through a formal Tarot spread with many cards or a single card for guidance or inspiration. I created the Awakening Aeon Tarot because we are now in the Aquarian Age and things are very different spiritually than they have been in the past.

I feel the Tarot decks I have used for many years don’t address the new spiritual energy that is here.  Though the Awakening Aeon Tarot has a traditional format and symbology, it is different in that it considers that each card contains both positive and negative aspects of a concept.  There are no “good” or “bad” cards; the spirit of the situation decides which aspects of the concept are relevant.

I have also added four cards to the traditional set.  These four cards represent Spiritual  energies and messages that I feel are important to the New Age. The accompanying booklet by Ingrid Coffin reads more as poetry than a directive.  The Tarot reader can “soak up” the writing while allowing herself (himself) to really see the card it relates to.  In this way, everyone is a “reader”…no training required.