The Awakening Aeon Tarot is for You, a seeker of Truth and Understanding. This deck is rooted in Metaphysical Qabalistic symbolism, Ancient Egyptian imagery, Astrology and the I Ching.

 The Deck Includes

– 78 Traditional Tarot Cards
– 4 New Tarot Cards
– The Inspirational Companion Book

four gold swords on purple background
Purple silhouette of woman on gold lion
queen figure with gold and purple circles and golden chalice
blue snakeskin on blackbackground

The Tarot can offer sign posts and advice to evolving souls.  It can be done through a formal Tarot spread with many cards or a single card for guidance or inspiration. I created the Awakening Aeon Tarot because we are now in the Aquarian Age and things are very different spiritually than they have been in the past.

I feel the Tarot decks I have used for many years don’t address the new spiritual energy that is here.  Though the Awakening Aeon Tarot has a traditional format and symbology, it is different in that it considers that each card contains both positive and negative aspects of a concept.  There are no “good” or “bad” cards; the spirit of the situation decides which aspects of the concept are relevant.

I have also added four cards to the traditional set.  These four cards represent Spiritual  energies and messages that I feel are important to the New Age. The accompanying booklet by Ingrid Coffin reads more as poetry than a directive.  The Tarot reader can “soak up” the writing while allowing herself (himself) to really see the card it relates to.  In this way, everyone is a “reader”…no training required.

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