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Awakening Aeon Tarot emerges from the new energy of the Aquarian Age.

It isn’t solely spiritual energy, relationship energy or the energy of abundance.  Rather it encompasses all energy just as the Aquarian Age encompasses all beings.

I have used ancient symbolism but in a new, and hopefully refreshing way.  In addition, there are four new, original cards that represent the unique energies that are emerging at this time.  They are: The Great Work, The White Whole, The Work of Greater Understanding and The Oracle Within.  They are included as additions to the Major Arcana or Trump cards.

Being true to this new energy, the accompanying book by Ingrid Coffin reads more like poetry than instructional material.  If you asked Ingrid about it she would say, “The Universe speaks to you if you take the time to listen.  The language of the Universe is poetic.  There is no better guide.”

The goal of Awakening Aeon Tarot, as with any divination, is to assist you in finding your way along the Path of Life.  The cards can be used in a formal Tarot spread with many cards or as a single card drawn for clarity and inspiration.  I think you will enjoy meeting the Oracle within yourself.


~ Marcia O’Hara

Marcia O'Hara in black turtleneck and silver jewelry holding the Awakening Aeon Tarot Deck