Tarot Deck and Book Available

Hello Everyone! The Awakening Aeon Tarot Deck and Book is now available for! The Awakening Aeon Tarot could be called a ten year adventure, because I started the artwork for my Tarot Deck in 2003. But the truth is, it actually started in 1987 when I first decided I wanted to make my own deck. I now look at the feeble sketches I made back then, and realize that making my own deck has been about my own Spiritual Growth. All those years ago, I could not really start working on it, because I had not yet experienced the concepts embodied in these cards and what the characters in them have to say. Now, I have had the experiences, and listened to the wisdom, and the Awakening Aeon Tarot is finished. I want to thank the following people for making the Awakening Aeon Tarot Deck possible: Ingrid Coffin – Who not only wrote the beautiful [...]

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