What is “Art for Your Soul”?

This piece of Art is a talisman that allows you to tap into your personal power and wisdom.

You, as a Spiritual Seeker have the ability to access knowledge below the surface of your conscious mind. Words and intellect can only permeate the very surface of our “selves”. This art goes beyond the intellect to a vibrational level that will allow you to access information that you already have at a deeper level.


What can Art for Your Soul do for you?

This personal work of art reflects who you are on a deep level. It can become a touchstone in a very personal and deeply transformative process by revealing the knowledge and wisdom that is your higher self. It brings the unconscious into the conscious. As you continue to move along your spiritual path, you may perceive your art in different ways as it “speaks” to you, and leads deeper into different aspects of yourself. Art For Your Soul is a touchstone, talisman, guide and companion on your sacred journey.

A “Soul Art Guide” is included with your “Art for Your Soul” art piece. This written narrative translates the progress from the initial Tarot Reading where the next steps on your path were revealed, to the symbols and imagery, and finally points out the high-energy points of the Artwork. You can think of this as an “interpretive guide”.


How did Art For Your Soul come about?

I’ve been doing Tarot Readings for over 30 years and have helped many people find information and guidance on the “next steps” of their Spiritual Journey.

I often thought that it would be a wonderful gift to be able to “bottle” the feeling and energy of the Tarot Reading so that you, the Seeker, could continue to feel energized and focused as you moved towards the next steps.

During a meditation, a beautiful idea came to me, and I am calling it: “Art for Your Soul”.


What is the process?

I begin by doing a Tarot Reading for you with the specific intention of accessing information about the next steps of your life journey. This reading can be done in person, over the phone or using Skype or Facetime.

My Tarot Readings are about possibilities rather than “fortune-telling” (which is a situation where the future is fated).

I look at where the energy is headed in your life and how it is moving. Because you have free will, the energy is malleable, so we will discuss possibilities for your future and we will agree on the next steps on your Spiritual Path. As we look at the Tarot cards in your reading, we will discuss their significance to you. The symbols and colors here will provide the imagery as we will work together to create a vision for your art.

The energy from your Reading, and our discussion, are carried forward as the foundation to create your one of a kind “Art for Your Soul” piece.


What does it do for you?

The energy that you feel when I do a Tarot Reading will be imbued into the Soul Art as I create it. This energy from your Higher Self allows you to access information within yourself which has been previously unacknowledged or unexplored.

Because this Soul Art Piece is so unique and personal to you, it may take up to three months to complete. I will be in touch at least once a month to let you know how the art is progressing.



Your life will transform as you live and work with this representation of your Higher Self.





Below is the Soul Art that I produced for internationally acclaimed author and animal communicator, Lauren McCall.  Read further to see her beautiful testimonial.



Dear Marcia,

Working with you on this deeply personal Art for Your Soul project has been fun and rewarding for me. I wanted to share with you some thoughts and impressions about my wonderful Soul Art. First, it is a striking piece of art that I am proud to hang on my wall! Your use of colours and design are remarkable.

I can tell there are going to be several ways in which I can use my Soul Art. One, of course, is as a beautiful piece of art. However, I also find myself re-reading the written synopsis you provided of my tarot reading, and discovering how various key aspects of the tarot reading are represented in the art itself. I think of your helpful written synopsis as my “Soul Art Guide”. As I visually identify the artistic elements referred to in the Soul Art Guide, I am able to internalize their symbolism. The symbols and concepts have become more real to me, more manifest, and therefore more accessible for me to work with.

The Soul Art can be used to focus on various aspects or themes on my spiritual path, or taken in its entirety, as representative of my journey at this time in my life. While I find myself visually drawn to certain individual elements of the art right now, I will be interested to see if my focus shifts to other elements and themes over time.

As I spend more time with my Soul Art, I have become aware that the various symbols and representations form something greater than their whole. I sense that the wisdom held in my Soul Art will continue to emerge as it reflects my soul’s evolution and change. What a dynamic and beautiful companion you have created to accompany me on this phase of my soul’s journey! Thank you.


To commission the Art for Your Soul

Contact me at ohara.marc[email protected] so we can talk about beginning your Art Soul piece.