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A sampling of the cards and book


Two of Cups

Pursue a better understanding of yourself through compassionate consideration of all living beings.  Allow others to care for you as you care for others.

Three of Wands

Motion begets either creativity or chaos.

Four of Disks

Ppower within the physical realm by only if you proceed with self discipline and thoughtful planning.  Temper ambition with integrity.  Success depends upon a strong foundation.

Six of Swords

You are thinking new thoughts and discovering new approaches.  Design your conclusions to serve others.

Queen of Wands

The Warrior Queen sits at your table.  Radiating power and courage in the manner of the feminine is the appropriate conduct in the current situation.  Yes, the situation is stressful.  The stress is necessary for you to continue to develop your courage and maintain your powerful composure.  Your weapon is the sheer strength of your Will.  It is cleansing.  The very force of your Will (Fire) clears all in its path.  You are setting the stage for your next adventure.  Allow your strength and courage to be seen.  Do so fearlessly but with compassion, and your influence will be obvious.

The Tower

Blessed is the day when your world shatters for you can see your future beckoning from behind the ruins.


The Work of Greater Understanding

Beyond the realm of physical reality there is a place of Greater Understanding.  It feels like completion, but is really only another opening in a realm of endless portals.